I can’t believe this is actually happening! My dear friend Stina, is the owner of StinaFace, a non-intimidating beauty brand that doesn’t believe in beauty standards & that’s key messaging is that no one should ever feel intimidated when shopping for makeup. Stina is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met in the beauty industry and we clicked years ago and bonded over her story of having PCOS and going through the process of bariatric surgery in hopes to someday have children. Fast forward to today and Stina has two beautiful children. Many of you know that this is also my why for surgery. Her story encouraged & empowered me and after a catch-up conversation we had last year, she asked if I wanted to do a lash collaboration! I was humbled and ecstatic, because if there is ever a brand that I would want to align with it would be hers. This was such a special time creating this product together and you may not have realized it but you were helping along the way this entire year by voting on your favorite styles and giving me feedback! 


I tried out dozens of lashes when deciding on what lash I wanted to present to you all. I wore the lashes out and wanted to make sure that I chose the most comfortable, high quality and fluttery lash there is. It was also important to me that I didn’t land on a dramatic lash so that people who haven’t worn lashes before would be able to wear my lashes and feel comfortable with them on. This lash truly encompasses my dream lash and has a natural, yet glamorous flare for all levels of beauty babes! Thank you so much for your continued support, I cannot wait to see you wearing your Fluttery & Buttery lashes!

STINAFACE x THEBRESG Fluttery & Buttery

    • Vegan 
    • Cruelty-free
    • High quality 
    • Can be worn 20+ times
    • Customizable band that can be trimmed to any eyeshape
    • Flexible band
    • Multidimensional 
    • Comfortable lash band for long-lasting wear
    • @thebresg’s first product collaboration