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StinaFace Lash Lingerie Volume Clusters are the perfect alternative to lash extensions.  Named "Lash Lingerie" because these clusters are ergonomically designed to be applied underneath and on top of your natural lashes. Leaving no trace of a band or adhesive. A makeup artist trick used for decades now available to the public. When applied properly Lash Lingerie lasts up to 5 days.

Set Includes:

- 4 pairs of Lash Lingerie clusters

- Lash Lingerie Bond

-Lash Lingerie Sealant

-Lash Lingerie Rose Gold applicator


Handmade, Vegan and always Cruelty Free


Lash Lingerie 4 pair set

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$29.25every month until canceled
  • SET V6 is our most dramatic cluster set offering only 4 segments per eye with a gentle fan effect on the outer clusters. These are perfect for lash extention wearers who want the same look of extensions without the hassle. 

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